Honey and Mackie’s Brand Identity by Wink

pattern2_hm1 wink_honey-and-mackies_cone wink_honey-and-mackies_cups wink_honey-and-mackies_drinks hm_businesscards hm_businesscards4 honeyandmackies_site_desktop honeymackies_5-copy honeymackies_11 honeymackies_10-copy honeymackies_4 honeymackies_6 honeymackies_3 honeymackies_2


This brand identity is cool and youthful, aimed more at children and there parents due to the illustrative designs yet authentic tone of voice which reflects the ingredients of the ice cream.

More can be found here: http://wink-mpls.com/archives/portfolio/honey-mackies#.UgPgs6UTMy4