Commonwealth Bank Murals

JNP_Frost_CBA-13-700x450 JNP_Frost_CBA-52-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-165-700x471 JNP_Frost_CBA-183-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-231-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-265-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-309-700x1026 JNP_Frost_CBA-403-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-590-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-671-700x1050 JNP_Frost_CBA-717-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-787-700x466 JNP_Frost_CBA-840-700x466

The interior design idea that surrounds these illustrative murals orientates the buildings visitors by having different content and colour usage for every floor. These murals aids the identity of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as well as gives the building some flair