Sarah Kahn Editorial for Trois Couleurs Magazine

MagSpreads_Trois-Couleurs_Magazine-Cover-3 MagSpreads_Trois-Couleurs_Magazine-Covers-Spread MagSpreads_Trois-Couleurs_Magazine-SPreads-01 MagSpreads_Trois-Couleurs_Magazine-SPreads-02 MagSpreads_Trois-Couleurs_Magazine-SPreads-03 MagSpreads_Trois-Couleurs_Magazine-SPreads-04


The illustrative style of Kahn’s editorial pieces gives the magazine a fun and lively approach to quality design articles. The mixture of the colour choices and fonts add to this by emphasizing the tone of voice that she has given the magazine itself.

More of her work is available to be seen on her online portfolio here: