Foodology Brand Identity

SomewhereElse_Foodology_01 SomewhereElse_Foodology_02 SomewhereElse_Foodology_03 SomewhereElse_Foodology_04 SomewhereElse_Foodology_05 SomewhereElse_Foodology_06 SomewhereElse_Foodology_08 SomewhereElse_Foodology_10 SomewhereElse_Foodology_13 SomewhereElse_Foodology_14 SomewhereElse_Foodology_15 SomewhereElse_Foodology_17 SomewhereElse_Foodology_18 SomewhereElse_Foodology_19 SomewhereElse_Foodology_20 SomewhereElse_Foodology_21 SomewhereElse_Foodology_22


This extensive brand identity is quite mixed and experimental in the approach of the brand due to the way that the restaurant approaches food. The logo acts like a seal of approval which gives the impression of high quality and opulence so it is a brand the customer can trust.

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