Italio Restaurant Branding and Identity by Push

Push_Italio_01 Push_Italio_02 Push_Italio_03 Push_Italio_04 Push_Italio_05 Push_Italio_06 Push_Italio_07 Push_Italio_08 Push_Italio_09 Push_Italio_10 Push_Italio_11 Push_Italio_12 Push_Italio_13 Push_Italio_14 Push_Italio_15


Push are a favoured design studio of mine as they manage to encompass all aspects of a brand and have it considered and produced. The constant use of red and white to hold a brand from logo to the environmental graphics and collateral whereas the handwritten style typography keeps it clear and gives the brand a human, warm impression.

You can find more detail on the project as well as see other briefs from Push here: