Cshh Coffee Interior Design

cshhcoffee-mrcup-01 cshhcoffee-mrcup-02 cshhcoffee-mrcup-03 cshhcoffee-mrcup-04 cshhcoffee-mrcup-05 cshhcoffee-mrcup-06 cshhcoffee-mrcup-07 cshhcoffee-mrcup-08 cshhcoffee-mrcup-09 cshhcoffee-mrcup-10 cshhcoffee-mrcup-15


This beautiful interior design which includes environmental graphics and collateral has such a rich culture and traditional aesthetic that has a vintage feel. The fact that the design has been kept to a minimal even though it is a strong part of the visual identity of the store means that the retro, old school feel can be the main feature of the coffee shop.

You can follow Mr. Cup’s adventures here: http://www.mr-cup.com/blog/interior/item/cshh-coffee-in-singapore.html