Federal 52 Deck by Jackson Robinson

04_10_13_federal52_2 04_10_13_federal52_3 04_10_13_federal52_4 04_10_13_federal52_9 04_10_13_federal52_5 04_10_13_federal52_6 04_10_13_federal52_7 04_10_13_federal52_8


The detail within the illustrations of the playing cards is what makes these playing cards so unique as they create a feature of grandeur and richness. This is reflected within the packaging as it keeps it very traditional in a sort of carnival, fortune teller-esque style.

You can back this project for the next week here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1722808047/federal-52-a-new-bicycle-playing-card-deck/posts/445482