Leeds Print Festival 2013

I attended the print festival talks last year and loved it! And this year was equally as brilliant. 

I made notes on the three talks . . .
The Print Project
The first speaker was from the The Print Project in Bradford.
Hearing how he became interested in type and letterpress, and how he arrived at this current career was really interesting.
This image was my favourite from the talk as I can relate to the message!
There is always something to do, boredom really is not an option.
You can see more of the Print Project’s work on the website.
Matt The Horse
Matt gave the second talk and it was interesting to hear his views on print and why we should all collect and display images we like. The talk was very upbeat and Matt was clearly passionate about his work and print. Although his work is illustration based, he discussed how we should interpret designs in our own personal way and collect images that mean something to us and display these as inspiration.
The image below stood out the most to me throughout Matt’s presentation, the simple two colour print is simple but effective in representing positivity through the bright yellow colour and linked characters.
You can see more of Matt’s work on his site
Alan Kitching
Hearing such an established designer discuss his work and influences was largely inspiring. Kitching has worked on a vast variety of designs, such as the map seen below incorporating body copy, header fonts and image. It was interesting to see and hear from a designer that is more typography based following Matt’s image based print talk, as he focussed more on layout and how type can be used creatively.
The colours and sizes of type used, in the print below, are applied in a way that creates a hierarchy and assists the communication of the design visually.
See more of Alan Kitching’s work on his site here,
Things I Took Away
On arrival at the print festival I was presented with a letter pressed ticket, along with a Print Festival guide and book made by Evolution Print.
Evolution Print is based in Sheffield.
Overall the Print Festival was a fun and inspiring and I would very much recommend going. You can find out about Leeds Print Festival on their website.

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